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Traditional Frame Workshop


2023 Built


The garage workshop is located on Huntsbury Hill, Porthills, Christchurch

Project information

Traditional timber frame building.
It is a garage on the ground floor with a workshop at the rear, basic facilities and loft storage spaces, Designed by Elizabeth Norris, Design & Make Architects.
The timber cladding is macrocarpa and the framing is douglas fir. The timber was sourced from Loburn sawmill just an hour from Christchurch city.
Foundations used cupolex, a rib raft concrete foundation that minimises material in the formwork.
The steel cladding came from 'The Roofing Store', Christchurch, which are following procedures to lower carbon emissions in the steel manufacturing.

Introducing our recent project, the Traditional Frame Workshop. This stunning structure features traditional mortise and tenon joinery, held together with beautiful oak pegs, showcasing the timeless craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets this project apart. Whether used for storage, work space, or simply to admire its beauty, the Traditional Frame Barn is a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional construction methods.

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