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About Us

Everhomes is led by LBP builder Everett Norris (on the left). The company brings together the right people for a particuar job, and if it only requires one builder, you will be blessed with Everett. He has over 9 years experience in the trade, and has branched out beyond basic carpentry to include natural building techniques, traditional timber framing, and knows how to make a building airtight for passive house buildings.  ​ The company is located in Christchurch city on the porthills, but will travel if a project take's their interest. Builders work closely with designers improving the construction details before they are submitted for building consent.  ​ Everhomes is passionate about making the world a better place. They encourage building smaller footprint houses, efficient floor plans, and lots of insulation! Everhomes prefers to work on houses that have been designed by Architects with knowledge of energy modelling so that the building will not only look good but will perform very well; reducing carbon emissions, and ongoing spending for the people who will live there.

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Everett Norris

LBP Builder Carpenter

When asked what Everett's hobbies are: 'building, board games, and hiking'. Everett will build 7 days per week if his wife allows him to. 

If given the option, Everett would build every home an energy efficient passive house. 

His love for building began at a young tween age when he assisted his parent's friends to build their strawbale house. After travelling around Australia to work with various strawbale house builders, at the age of 20 he began his building apprenticeship back in Hamilton, NZ. By the age of 22 he had built his own tiny house on wheels, on weekends and holidays with his friends and family and was featured in the local papers. 'Living Big in a Tiny House' youtube channel also did a great feature on him. By 25 he was an LBP builder and had completed his building apprenticeship with two very different companies. One high end home builder, and the other with a German master carpenter and strawbale house expert. His most valuable learning experiences were with Strawhome Hawkes Bay. 

His wife managed to convince him to live in Christchurch, and since then they have built a traditional frame barn workshop on their own property on the port hills. They are in the process of building their own passive house strawbale house to be their home and showhome. 

Natural Plasterers

Alex Sand (Featured)

Everhomes has employed and contracted various other tradespersons and builders to assist with particular projects. 

For example, Alex was on a one year working holiday visa and came to be part of the plastering team on a strawbale house build in Methven. He has 8 years of experience plastering in Germany. 

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Traditional timber Frame Builders

Matthew (featured)

When Everett know's there is someone better at a particular task, he will bring in the right professional to work on the job, and everyone else assists and learns in the process. Matthew came from Palmerston North to get the traditional timber frame barn started, and then left the team to complete the job. He has also assisted on a number of Tiny House Workshops lead by Everhomes. Matthew has built his own home with traditional timber framing, timber window joinery, and strawclay insulation with clay and lime plasters on either side. 


Zuke manages his own time between various projects across Christchurch city, and is frequently working with Everett, whether it be from Tiny house workshops to high end home renovations or new builds. 


Family in the trade

Elizabeth Norris 

Architectural Designer

Elizabeth Norris is Everett's wife. She works for Design & Make Architects most of the time, but she is frequently asked to come on board with administration and design advice. Now and then Everhomes will be building from the drawings of Design & Make Architects and they make a great team. 

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