Tiny house workshop

Wanting to design or build your own tiny house? Come and learn how! Gain knowledge and confidence needed to build your own tiny house.

Short on time?
Come to the Weekend Theory Workshop which includes a Raglan Tiny House Tour.

Experts from around NZ will come and share their knowledge. We will be cramming as much good stuff in as we can!

Want the full experience?
The Hands-On Workshop starts with the Theory Weekend and continues on. Get guidance from qualified builders and even more expert speakers,test drive the tools and techniques needed to build a tiny house.

Both the Weekend Theory Workshop and the Full Hands-on Workshop are fully catered, include accommodation and are held in the beautiful beach town of Raglan. 


2021 Tiny House Hands on Workshop $1195
Sat, Jan 16
Jan 16, 2021, 8:30 AM – Jan 23, 2021, 2:30 PM
Raglan, Raglan, New Zealand
This includes the two day design workshop and extends on it with hands-on tiny house building. Building a tiny house from the trailer up. More speakers, more learning, more fun. Over eight days, participants will experience and learn the "nuts and bolts" of building their very own tiny house.
2021 Weekend Theory workshop $335
Sat, Jan 16
Jan 16, 2021, 8:30 AM – Jan 17, 2021, 5:00 PM
Raglan, Raglan, New Zealand
For those wanting lots of information and great speakers but have a short amount of time. Guest speakers, tiny house owners and builders, bylaw experts and fun. Providing you with the design inspiration and information you need to start designing and building your own tiny home.

Weekend Theory Workshop

Day 1

Speakers from around NZ guiding you through everything you need to know to design and build your own tiny house, why buildings fail and how to build better.
Our experts will start from the ground up, taking us through the nuts and bolts of how to build your own house and the options along the way.

Theory Covered: Laws, Trailers, Framing, Roofing, Windows, Cladding, Hardware, Insulation.


Weekend Theory Workshop + Tiny Tour

Day 2

More experts talk on the process of  building, about utility's and building off grid. We do a tour of tiny houses in the area then finish with a do's and don'ts of design and project management to really set you off to a great start with your build or design.

Theory covered: Plumbing, Power, Compost Toilets, Off Grid, Finding Land, Designing Your Own House.

Tiny House Tour: We visit local tiny houses and their owners.


Hands-On Workshop: House Raising

Day 3

You will be working along side our builders and crew as they guide you through the house making process, getting a taste and a turn at each part of the construction.
We build the frame and stand it on day one, taking the theory knowledge from the weekend and building on it with hands-on experience. We will show you step by step through tools, materials, framing and how to build a tiny house to be light and strong.

Hands on: Power Tools, Handtools, Materials, Framing, Hardware.


Hands-On Workshop: Framing

Day 4

Continuing  to work with power tools and gain confidence and experience with each tool and technique we  will move on to more difficult carpentry.

Hands on: Power Tools, Handtools, Materials, Framing, Hardware.


Hands-On Workshop: Wrap+Insulation

Day 5

Making a weatherproof house and making a warm house, we teach you how to keep your house dry and how to avoid common mistakes  along the way.

Hands on: Insulation, Airtight membranes, Building wrap, Window and door flashing.

Theory: Energy efficiency.


Hands-On Workshop: Inside and out

Day 6

Electrician and plumber talk about what you can do and what you can't, we rough in utilities and get the house to lock up.

Hands on: Airtight membranes, Windows, Doors, Waterproofing, Cladding,  Power, Water.

Theory: Power, Water.


Hands-On Workshop: Ventilation and Blower Door Test

Day 7

We learn about light weight cladding options and get Proclima to come and talk to us about best practice for ventilation and air tightness do a blower door test which will tell us exactly how well our house is performing. 


Hands on: Cladding, Air-tightness,

Theory: Air tightness, Ventilation systems 


Hands-On Workshop:Design Your Own House

Day 8

Design day where we all design are own house with the help of some amazing architects and builders

Guest Designer talks about her system for designing houses,  we all draw some plans on paper and then head to the beach (1 minute away) to draw out life size models in the sand and test them out, finding what can be improved and with the support of the builders and designers improve our plans.

Theory: Designing

2021 Tiny House Hands on Workshop $1195
2021 Weekend Theory workshop $335
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